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fitness step (yellow)-One Strong Southern Girl

Bestselling Aerobic Step (yellow)

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  • Because you love daffodils and the sunny shade of lemons.
  • Studies have shown that yellow is a happy color.  So add a little happiness to your workouts!

"My yellow step brightens up my room.  I love it!  It really does make me excited about my next workout."--Ann, TX


Guess what?  Not every exercise step is the same. 

Our exercise platforms are the perfect size and style for every kind of exercise you can imagine!

Your hands and back will love the cushy soft surface when you're toning.

And you'll be thrilled to see that big target (for your feet) that won't slide or flip out from under you when you least expect it.

Make your next workout as amazing as you are with a beautiful fitness step.


  • 43 inches x 16 inches
  • 4, 6 or 8 inch height (depending on the number of risers in place)
  • Every step is created with a gray surface and comes with 4 matching gray risers.
  • Each platform has a soft rubber non-slip surface
  • Each step is made of solid recyclable high-density polyethylene
  • There are non-skid rubber attachments under each platform and every riser to protect floors and keep step exactly where you want it.