How to Use Your Exercise Platform Like a Pro


I'd like to remind you of a few tips for using our platform that will ensure every workout is safe and effective for you.

TIP #1-Never jump, step or stand on an uneven platform.  

TIP #2-We recommend that you use an exercise mat under your step if the surface under your step is not smooth and even.  For example, the grout lines in a tiled floor create an uneven surface under your step.

TIP #3-Check that your risers are lined up straight and flush with the sides of your platform before you step, stand or jump on it.  Make sure you have an equal number of risers under each side of your platform before stepping, standing or jumping on it.

TIP #4-Make sure that the area around your step is clear.  (When you use your step you'll be using the surface of your step as well as the area all around your platform so make sure you remove anything that might trip you up.)

And in case you prefer images to words...

Important Safety Tips for using your Exercise Step

Enjoy your next workout!!